DPC physicians talk with Sean Hannity

Last night on Hannity, Dr. Josh Umbehr and Dr. Ryan Neuhofel presented how Direct Primary Care is changing the model of healthcare delivery.  By offering a low monthly membership cost that covers all visits and many services, patients have access to a full time primary care physician by email, phone, or office visit.  They have […]

Article: What if there's no affordable insurance to buy?

The Affordable Care Act is known for many things but it has yet to become known for improving affordability or improving care.  What we have seen since its introduction is the consistent growth of insurance premiums year after year without a tangible growth in the amount of healthcare being delivered.  The reason, in my opinion, […]

Open House this Friday

Friday, March 10th, at Noon Trinity Direct Primary Care will host their monthly open house at the Hardin Valley office. Please feel free to attend to meet Dr. McColl, Nurse Courtney, and Mel Moss, the DPC coordinator.  Dr. McColl will discuss the DPC program, the changing face of health insurance in Knoxville and across the […]

Article: Some Primal Answers for Kids' Problem Behaviors

I found this article pretty interesting.  It approaches behavioral issues in children from a nutritional stand point.  Obviously, to parent well one must have a multi-faceted battle strategy which at its core addresses a child’s selfish, sinful heart but understanding the external factors that influence our children is key to providing them an environment that […]

Book Review: Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

Imagine you had a chance to watch segments of your life occur as though you were a spectating apparition. What would you notice?  What action would you witness your corporeal self committing that might make you cringe?   Would you be happy with what you hear your other-self say?  Do you feel judged or vindicated? […]

Article: 'Flat-Fee' Primary Care Gets A Boost From GOP Leaders

Direct Primary Care is growing in popularity and availability across the nation. It has become part of every GOP repeal and replacement plan for the ACA.  I heard it said recently that only 9% of Americans utilize enough healthcare to meet the average deductible that is nearly $2000.  If that is true, then 81% of […]