The Vaccine Study You've Never Seen (But Always Wanted)

Chad Hayes, MD from Charleston, SC, a fellow pediatrician and blogger, published a great article on the vaccine safety and efficacy study everyone has always wanted but has never been done.  Check it out.  I hope you see the value this kind of study brings to the scientific community. The Vaccine Study You’ve Always Wanted

The time a 28-year-old MBA told a physician where to round first

What happens when business minds take over the medical care of patients?  Who benefits when decisions are made based on the bottom line and not on clinical care? Trinity Direct Primary Care was built so that patients can always be the center of their own healthcare. Patient care is our passion and we refuse to […]

Knoxville: where insurance goes to die

Recently, various new outlets reported on the spiraling failure of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare.  One of the key indicators of failure is the availability of health insurance in a market.  Several major markets across the country lack more than one insurer from which individuals may choose.   When there is only one […]

Congratulations Mrs. Robin!

Our clutch of baby blue robin eggs all hatched this week. Momma Robin has been diligently collecting food from our yard for her new children.   Congratulations!

300 and counting!

We love to celebrate benchmarks with our patients.  We have a tradition in our parent medical practice, Trinity Medical Associates, where patients are invited to sign a celebratory board when they achieve one of four benchmark goals in their health journey.  These boards stand as constant reminders for them of what they accomplished through hard […]

Direct Primary Care is a better way to pay for healthcare

DPC physician Dr David Cunningham was showcased on NBC Nightly News recently.  Check out the piece and then check our program as East Tennessee’s largest DPC practice.  Direct Primary Care is a better way to pay for healthcare

Great turnout for today's open house

We were so blessed to have a big turnout for this month’s open house.  Thank you to  everyone who stopped by and learned more about Trinity Direct Primary Care. If you were unable to participate, please give us a phone call and set up an individual Meet and Greet.  These free visits offer you time […]

Babies are the delight of Spring

Did you know that Trinity Direct Primary Care physicians are board certified in pediatrics or family medicine?  That means all of our physicians are specialists in caring for the littlest members of your family.  We love taking care of infants, babies, toddlers, and children of all ages. Pediatric memberships are only $30 per month and […]

Hepatitis C: A Baby Boomer's Hidden Risk

Jan, a fifty-something mom, registered some surprise when I listed hepatitis C as one of the things I would test in her bloodwork.  “But I’ve never had jaundice or anything that would say I have liver disease. Maybe I’m tired a lot, but who isn’t?” I explained that the recommendation is that all “baby boomers” […]

Open House Schedule for April

Trinity Direct Primary Care hosts an open house at each location every month.  Our open houses for this month will be on Friday, April 7th at Trinity Direct of Maryville and Wednesday, April 12th at Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley.  Both will be at noon. Please free to attend to meet Dr. Hone, Dr. […]