Painful Spasms of the Face by Dr. Andrew Smith

As I sat in the midst of a group of folks pleasantly chatting at a friend’s surprise birthday party, I couldn’t help noticing the grimaces of a woman across from me.  Every minute or two she would wince as though being jabbed with a needle.  When I asked about this privately she filled me in.  […]

What I Ate for Lunch

As I counsel patients about how their nutrition directly affects their health, I’m often asked questions about specific challenges.  One of the most common questions is what to eat when dining out.  I’ve decided to share some of the meals I’ve found at local restaurants that fit the low carb paradigm taught at Trinity in […]

CBO's inaccurate estimates

Here’s a story from Forbes about how the CBO incorrectly has been estimating how many people will lose coverage with a replacement of the ACA.  Modeling systems is tricky business. CBO’s Secret: 73% Of Coverage Difference Between Obamacare & GOP Bills Driven By Individual Mandate

Breaking News: Adolescents Survive 9 Days Without Added Sugar

Dr. Lustig, previously highlighted in this blog as a leading expert in pediatric obesity and endocrinology, published a study with his colleagues where adolescents who self reported a high added sugar diet were fed diets with the same fat and protein but where the added sugar carbohydrates were replaced with an equal amount of calories […]

Is Britain's Single Payor System the Best Healthcare Option?

Here’s an interesting article by a British economist on the true tale of the National Health Service. The laws of economics are as immutable as the laws of physics.  For a limited resource like healthcare, someone always has to decide who is given care and who is denied care. In the United Kingdom, they have […]

Article: Evidence surrounding the use of low carbohydrate, high fat diets for the prevention and treatment of CVD, type 2 diabetes, and obesity is accumulating.

Here’s a great article by Drs. Demasi, Lustiq, and Malhotra on the association concerning low carb high fat diets (like the one taught by Trinity and VitalSigns) and their ability to reverse (ie, cure) insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.  The purported risk of increased cardiovascular disease is shown to be not fully understood. […]

Open House today July 21st from 12-1pm at Hardin Valley office

Please join us if you are interested in low cost, practical primary care from local doctors.  Don’t let Congress get in the way of securing real healthcare for yourself and your family.  Overflow parking will be next door at Hardin Valley Church and refreshments will be served. 

Video: Government Can't Fix Healthcare

Check out this video on why the government can’t fix healthcare.  If healthcare moves to a single party payor system, then everyone will lose eventually even if some benefit along the way. The Government Can’t Fix Healthcare

Direct Primary Care in the national spotlight (again) Direct Primary Care continues to make waves across the country by redefining who healthcare is delivered. Patients are put back in the driver seat for their own care and doctors get to return to what they do best, care for their patient. Gone is the busy work that bloats the system and costs money. […]

Why single payor healthcare will always fail patients

Listening to “The Road to Serfdom” by F. A. Hayek I came across this quote.  It merely starts from the indisputable fact that the limits of our powers of imagination make it impossible to include in our scale of values more than a sector of the needs of the whole society, and that, since, strictly […]