Open Enrollment may indicate a farewell to savings

November 1st marks the start of’s annual open enrollment period.  Here’s an example of what our neighbors who don’t qualify for a subsidy should expect.  For an  average small business owner family (two parents, two school age kids) with no subsidies, they have this to look forward to. It is incredibly demoralizing to think […]

Healthcare isn't spelled BCBS, Humana, or Aetna

The Foundation for Economic Education posted this recent article on the growing trend of physicians like us who are opting out of insurance.  We have see patients save money on out of pocket expenditures for primary care as well as be more engaged with their physician in tackling their healthcare concerns.  Once insurance companies stop […]

Obamacare premiums expected to climb 38% nationwide reported this interesting infographic on the predicted average increases of Obamacare premiums when open enrollment starts November 1st.  It is expected to be a sharp increase again.  Tennessee is slated to be a 20% or higher increase as a statewide average. Knox County has fared worse than most Tennessee regions in the last couple […]

New after-hours physician number

We are changing the after-hours on-call physician number.  The new number is 865-539-0270 which is the main office number.  Patients will be given a choice to select speaking with the physician on-call for adult or pediatric patients.  The prior after-hours number will forward to this number for a period of time then become obsolete.

Hardin Valley Open House Friday October 27th

I’ll be hosting my monthly open house this Friday October 27th from 12pm to 1 pm at Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley located at 10437 Hardin Valley Rd.  Please feel free to drop by if you can.  I’ll be talking about the program, explain the benefits, and answer any questions you may have. Everyone […]

Over 98% satisfaction

Did you know that we have no long term contracts yet over 98% of patients continue their membership each month?  It seems like most patients are pretty satisfied with the program.  Come see for yourself. Our next DPC open houses will be this Friday, October 20th in Maryville and next Friday, October 27th in Hardin […]

Polymyalgia Rheumatica by Andrew Smith, MD

              “Wow, I guess I’m just getting old.  Everything hurts and I’m tired even doing little things.” Mrs. Jennings, in her early sixties, was normally one of my more energetic patients.  On further questioning it turned out it really wasn’t “everything” that hurt, but particularly the muscles of her thighs and shoulders, not so […]