Editorial: Added Sugars Drive Coronary Heart Disease

This is a good editorial so I’ve quoted it in its entirety. ‘I know of no single acceptable study that shows a high intake of sugar in a population that is almost entirely free from heart disease.’1—John Yudkin Coronary heart disease (CHD) is responsible for one in every six deaths in the USA,2 and it […]

Last call…DPC Open House tonight at 6pm

I’m hosting my monthly open house tonight at 6pm at Trinity’s Hardin Valley office located at 10437 Hardin Valley Rd. Come hear how we lower out of pocket costs and improve access to your doctor.

Is a low carb or ketogenic diet a cure for diabetes?

I stumbled upon a good blog post today called Hormones Demystified.  I’ve never read anything else from Dr. ‘HD’ but I like the fact that an endocrinologist took the time to seriously look at the data, both supporting and refuting, for ketogenic diets.  As you are aware, I’m a supporter of low carb high fat […]

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule for DPC Offices

Trinity Direct Primary Care offices in Hardin Valley and Maryville will be closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday, November 24th.  We will open Monday with regular business hours. Trinity Medical Associates Walk-In Clinic will be open 1/2 days from 8:30-11:30 on Friday, November 24th and Saturday, November 25th.  DPC members can utilize the clinic under the […]

Open House for Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley

I will be hosting the next open house Tuesday, November 28th in the evening from 6-7pm at our office.  I will be available to discuss the Direct Primary Care program as well as comment on the various options patients may have to lower their health insurance costs.  Light refreshments will be served.  Please call the […]

This fool recommends Direct Primary Care

Sometimes the smartest fool is a motley fool.  This article from The Motley Fool highlights many of the values points of DPC. It does misunderstand one thing though. Patients with chronic healthcare needs often benefit most financially from a membership. I often tell prospective patients that the more money one spends on healthcare and the […]

Can cost sharing cooperatives work with Medicare?

A recent article from Sound Mind Investing tackles a readers question about pairing a cost sharing cooperative like Samaritan Ministries when coverage in part by Medicare. It is something to consider.  Health-Sharing Ministries And Medicare

Thankful for Our Bodies by Dr. Andy Smith

Some sixteen centuries ago, Augustine observed, “People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering… Now, let us acknowledge the wonder […]

What if car insurance was like health insurance…

Of all the things we know about health insurance, we definitely know this, it doesn’t work like insurance, at all.  Check out this fictional tale of car insurance functioning like health insurance.  Trinity Direct Primary Care keeps you in the driver seat of your healthcare.  Find out more by calling our offices or connecting with […]

DPC may be top of CMS reform plan

In a recent speech, CMS Administrator Seema Verma, listed DPC as the top item of exploration to help lead healthcare reform and cost reduction.  The system of market competition is the engine that drives innovation in other industries. No central planner gave Henry Ford a set of rules and instructions to manufacture the Model T. […]