Blessed to be a part of so much

Last year was the first Christmas I celebrated in the new Hardin Valley office.  I had wanted an office Christmas tree for years but that year my wife, who had decorated most of my office already, bought all the tree trimmings too.  I don’t remember exactly whose idea it was, but instead of hanging the […]

Trinity DPC Holiday Hours

Trinity Direct Primary Care offices will be closed the following days over the holidays: December Fri 22nd: Trinity Direct of Maryville closed Mon 25th: Both offices closed for Christmas Day Tues 26th: Trinity Direct of Maryville closed Thur-Fri 28th-29th: TMAHV closed, extended absence policy in effect January Mon 1st: Both office closed for New Years […]

Christmas Rejoicing!

To our Trinity patients and friends, In the 1st chapter of the Gospel of Luke, Mary responds to being told she will give birth to the Savior of the world with this expression, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has looked on the humble estate of […]

What's New for 2018?

Trinity Direct Primary Care has grown in amazing ways in the last two years.  Nearly one thousand patients have been part of East Tennessee’s healthcare revolution.  With such a strong support we’ve been able to add so many new benefits to the program and more are on the way. Here’s a short list of membership […]

Well The Weather Outside Is Frightful by Dr. Andrew Smith

            “Hey Dad, there’s no shelter here.”  This was the report of my oldest daughter, Hannah, after checking out the area where we had planned to camp for the night after an eleven mile hike with three of my children and two of their friends (some 15 years ago).  The temperature was in the low […]

Is Single Payer the Future of Healthcare?

Here’s a good debate from December 5, 2017 on the subject. Is single payer the next step in American health care? What alternative approaches can we explore? The Dole Institute Student Advisory Board will examine differing systems and the future of U.S. health care policy with special guests Dr. Joshua Freeman and Dr. Josh Umbehr. […]

Article: Is Retail Healthcare too impersonal?

Is retail healthcare the answer to our nation’s growing care cost crisis or is it another attempt by business to monetize and standardize what fundamentally is an interpersonal interaction?  Does it improve our ability to cohesively develop a good plan for our health or does it fragment our care further?  Author Timothy Hoff Ph.D shares […]