Op-ed: U.S. News is wrong about what constitutes the best diet

Gary Taubes and Nina Teicholz strike back on what constitutes the best diet.  Can you guess what they said? In the midst of a worldwide obesity and diabetes crisis, we don’t need more input from experts who aren’t paying attention to the latest science or who can’t break free from 50 years of conventional thinking […]

$200? $400? $600? How much did our patients save?

This week Trinity Direct Primary Care enrolled with RubiconMD.  They offer econsults for primary care doctors in a multitude of specialties.  While it doesn’t replace the need for local specialists involved in patient care, it does expand the number of options we have in diagnosing or treating complex medical problems our patients might have.  This […]

Certified or certifiable? Either way, I am.

Good news! I recently recertified in my two specialties of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics from The National Board of Physicians and Surgeons.  I now have another certificate certifying my certifiable situation. -Dr McColl


Like any new routine, your body requires a little bit of time to adjust to a change in your diet.  A major question low-carbers have asked over the years is how long it takes for the body to fully adapt when they drop the carbs and allow the body to turn on the mechanisms which […]

Boom, another round of savings

We’re pretty excited about this one.  By working directly with our lab vendor we have been able to secure a host of reduced rates on Pap smear testing for our patients.  There literally are 60 different test codes and varieties available.  The price reduction for the most common option is a savings of 75% off […]

Cancer's drug of choice is sugar

A collaborative effort over nearly a decade has shed more light on how cancer fuels its rapid growth and proliferation.  Utilizing the Warburg effect, cancer turns on uptake of glucose to make lactate irrespective of the cell’s typical need and feedback mechanisms controlled by ATP production.  This provides a steady flow of growth-sustaining sugary delight […]

Radiologists follow FedEx with flat-rate prices. Is this the future of health care?

Indianapolis based radiology group, Northwest Radiology, began offering a price ceiling for their tests based on modality and not body part images, insurance carrier, or pay stats is. “Flat-rate pricing probably is the future,” Hansen, the CEO, said. “I think people want it.” Radiologists follow FedEx with flat-rate prices. Is this the future of health […]

Coverage doesn't equal care

Keith Smith, MD, founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, a free-market, no insurance major surgery center, writes in his article for AAPS.com “Not only is “coverage” not equivalent to “care,” “coverage” can and many times does create a barrier to “care.”” Coverage Isn’t Care

Article: New patient-centered model, Direct Primary Care, is spreading

DPC physician, Dr. Molly Rutherford, writes in her op-ed piece “we physicians in the Direct Care movement are proving daily that healthcare can be delivered at a reasonable price, while also improving the health care experience for physicians and patients.” As a highly qualified family physician and addiction medicine specialist, she has proven that a […]