Expect more from your doctor

My friend Rob Lamberts, MD shares his story and passion for Direct Primary Care in this TEDx Augusta video. Rob Lamberts, MD TEDx Augusta

Tired of Waiting?

The waiting room of a doctor’s office can be a crowded, uncomfortable place to spend your day.  However, at Trinity Direct Primary Care our waiting room rarely gets used.  Office visits are scheduled so that patients have at least 30 minutes of time with the physician and we keep our patient panels small.  This means […]

Why Your Health Insurer Doesn't Care About Your Big Bills -NPR

Have you ever been frustrated by high health care bills even when you have insurance?  Isn’t your insurance company supposed to be helping LOWER your bills?  Well, unfortunately, the answer is no.  Health insurance works more like a discount card.  Everything you buy is now 75% off.  Too bad everything now costs a million dollars […]

Keto Diet: What Doctors Want You to Know | Reader's Digest

This article is sort of good but if you really want to know what doctors think about the keto diet then come talk to us. I’m an advocate for low carb nutrition and can walk with you through your journey. — Read on www.rd.com/health/diet-weight-loss/keto-diet-doctor-warnings/

Food as Medicine Discussion: An Intro to Low Carb and Ketogenic Nutrition

Trinity Direct Primary Care is starting a monthly nutrition meeting to help introduce new and established DPC patients to using Food as Medicine.  We specifically will be focusing on introducing Trinity’s model of low carb and ketogenic nutrition and how it improves health by reversing many of the common medical problems we see in our […]

Just One Eye by Dr Rob Lamberts

“Don’t worry, doc.  It’s just one eye.  I’ve got two.” My stomach lurched to hear this statement.  A guy who has done nothing wrong aside from choosing self-employment (and perhaps inheriting less-than-stellar genes) is left with the choice: financial devastation or blindness in one eye.  He works hard, has served the country, didn’t complain to […]

Patients suffer when doctors burn out

For most of the last decade there has been a growing and disturbing trend in American healthcare.  Physicians, especially our most experienced, older physicians, are leaving medicine in droves.  They simply are not going to tolerate the bureaucratic burden that shackles the practice of medicine.  These burdens are especially cumbersome in primary care where nearly […]

Lower drug prices

Today, President Trump was in the Rose Garden proposing his plan to lower prices on prescription medications. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/995023303906652160 Many drug prices are insanely inflated and now rarely reflect any free market forces that might encourage competition and lower cost. Several of my national DPC colleagues were invited to the Rose Garden for this presentation as […]

Why you don't get hungry on a low carb diet

Virtually everyone who I’ve put on a low carb or ketogenic diet tells me that they lose their hunger drive somewhere along the way.  I’ve experienced it and I love the fact that I’m no longer controlled by a raging task master telling me to eat every time I walk by the pantry. I explain […]