Covenant now offers cash prices for some advanced imaging for most patients

Covenant Health recently announced that they will be offering a simple, cash based price for advanced imaging at their Fort Sanders West Diagnostic Center.  This was my go to facility while in insurance based medicine.  They’ve always been easy to work with and the reports have been good.  So I’m very happy that another imaging […]

Imagine if We Paid for Food like We Do Healthcare

Dr Ryan Neuhofel, a fellow DPC physician, writes this intriguing look at applying our current medical industry regulations to food. I know I would never pay for a $37 burrito twice. A thought experiment showing just how dysfunctional and distorting our health insurance system is. — Read on

5 Medical Practices Around The U.S. That Are Changing The Way Healthcare Is Delivered

With a focus on incredible customer experience, beautiful modern aesthetics and brilliant use of social media, these 5 medical and dental practices around the U.S. have really figured out how to deliver care. — Read on Exciting to see fellow DPC practice Atlas MD and free market surgery pioneers, Surgery Center of Oklahoma make […]

Just gimme the facts — DPC Alliance

Just gimme the facts — DPC Alliance — Read on This data represents about 1/3 of the known DPC practices in the United States. Trinity DPC is glad to be one of the 5 DPC practices in Tennessee. I believe DPC allows physicians to provide the care they feel a patient needs. It offers […]

Sometimes a spoonful of honey is the best medicine

Here’s a study I quote all the time. Buckwheat honey has more antioxidant properties than clover or other lighter honey varieties. In this study kids receiving honey did better than the leading cough syrup and certainly better than placebo. Sometimes hard to find and you may not want to put it on your biscuits, buckwheat […]