The Carnivore Diet for Mental Health? | Psychology Today

You may have heard stories of people reversing stubborn symptoms of psychiatric disorders by eating an all-meat diet. Why might a carnivore diet improve brain function? — Read on

Wait just a minute, low carb nutrition makes diabetes better?!

This consensus statement in the Diabetes Journal reports that low carbohydrate diets actually make diabetes better. Wow! Maybe we finally have a seat at the table now. They specifically recommend Medical Nutrition Therapy by a registered dietician to help support parents in their efforts. Good thing that we made this the standard of care for […]

Our family is growing!

I’m so pleased to announce that Mrs. Robin decided to return to her tree again this year to raise her family. We should have another couple babies flapping around in the backyard of our office before too long. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. I’m excited to be a grandpa again for the third […]