Need help from a few thousand new friends?

Then you should check out the cost sharing programs for 2020. They offer a community of like minded individuals just trying to get by. Everyone agrees to share one another’s burdens within a framework of personal responsibility. They often require consent to a shared religious belief system, mostly commonly Biblical Christianity as the idea is […]

The DPC network is growing

I’m really excited to be part of HIPnation’s growing DPC network. They help connect businesses trying to provide real healthcare with doctors like myself who offer genuine relationships providing care. It’s the difference of being a number at a big clinic or having my number to call when you need help. Unlike insurance middlemen, they […]

For most patients with heart disease are drugs or stents better?

Long-awaited study results may finally settle the question of when to use stents and bypass surgery in patients with stable heart disease, showing that drugs work equally as well in preventing heart attacks, strokes and heart-related death. — Read on

Is it flu time in Tennessee?

Sort of, but not quite. You can see from the graph of historical flu cases in Tennessee posted below that we often two peaks– one right before Christmas break when school lets out and one at the end of January after the kids have had some time to share a few germs with each other. […]

Pillar PC welcomes new clinical staff!

Today, Pillar PC welcomes two new clinical staff members, Marci Wood, FNP and Mary Cargle, RN. Both ladies bring years of experience in clinical practice and a heart for caring for patients. I’ve had the chance to know both them and their families for many years through working together or church small groups. I am […]