I’m pleased to report, I’m still certifiable

The National Board of Physicians and Surgeons is a leading authority on certifying physicians in the practice of medicine across all specialties. I’m thankful for their oversight in continuing to uphold the standard of excellence in medicine.

The King has called you. Come see His Kingdom.

But first, we need to know who we are. First, learn who you are then learn how to walk it out. Identity then integrity. Know who you were meant to be then be true to it. Ephesians Explained: day 2 devotional Within the framework of the four pillars, I talk frequently about the process of […]

Doctors’ Orders: 2 docs improve their health at Cardiac Rehab

Jon Dalton, manager of Parkwest’s cardiac rehabilitation program, says heart health doesn’t depend on genetics or exercise alone. “You can’t sustain good heart health on exercise alone. That’s been proven,” Dalton says. “You can’t sustain good heart health on diet alone. You really do have to pay attention to stress, and good sleep is often […]

Meditation and the spirit of your mind

A practical application of cultivating peace, the fourth pillar of good health, is to develop the ability to distance oneself from ones circumstances. You are not your circumstance, no matter how tragic it may be. One of my favorite quotes in this arena is ‘With awareness, comes the space for choice.” How do we build […]