Research continues to prove positive metabolic effects of a low carbohydrate diet. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently shared a study showing the results of a low carbohydrate diet and how it relates to energy expenditure and potential lasting weight loss. This randomized trial divided participants into three groups: a high carbohydrate diet consisting of 60% carbs, a moderate carbohydrate diet consisting of 40% carbs, and a low carbohydrate diet consisting of 20% carbs. The results showed the group on a low carbohydrate diet had greater total energy expenditure than those on a moderate or high carbohydrate diet. Those on a low carbohydrate diet also showed a significant decrease in ghrelin and leptin (hunger hormones).

Here at Trinity, we believe that understanding proper nutrition is key to making lifelong lifestyle changes. It’s not about the quantity of calories consumed but rather the quality of calories. The body breaks down different foods differently, undergoing different metabolic processes, secreting different hormones. In other words, the calories in an avocado are not the same as those in a small order of French fries!

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