Mark McColl, MD
Luke Howell, DO
Marci Wood, FNP

Article: The Root Cause of Health Care Dysfunction

Ever wonder why our healthcare system seems to be in such a sorry state?  It seems like politicians and thought leaders are caught surprised when they try to tackle this situation only to find out how complicated it is.  However, I completely disagree.  I don’t believe it is a complicated situation.  I believe we have made it complicated for several, not-so-helpful reasons.
This article by John Graham from Real Clear Health highlights many of the issues at stake.  He draws upon his recently published analysis to show that healthcare spending would be less than half of what it is now if government policy had not shifted the control of spending from the patients to their insurance companies.
Additionally, he utilizes the very compelling analogy of how awful and expensive car insurance would become if it was managed the same way as health insurance.  Not to spoil the ending but it would be much more expensive fostering waste and fraud while restricting your options.  Sounds great, right?
So what’s the answer?  How do we fix the mess we are in?  Graham says, “Today, only 11 percent of health spending is controlled directly by patients”.  If we change how health spending is controlled, then we will change how expensive it is.  When it becomes cheaper more people can access it and therefore more people can have healthcare regardless of their insurance status.  Coverage, or owning an insurance card, becomes something that only really matters when you need catastrophic care.  Routine healthcare in the form of physicals, sprains, infections, even minor surgeries would not require insurance as it would be cheap enough to pay for out of pocket.
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The Root Cause of Health Care Dysfunction