Fueling Up for the School Year

It’s that time of year again, when the combination of trying to get kids out the door for school and keeping nutrition in check seems a bit overwhelming. While prepackaged, convenient and prep-free food options may seem enticing, they provide little to no nutrients. Your child’s nutrition is a huge determining factor of how well he […]

Happy National Nutrition Month!

It’s National Nutrition Month! For me, that means celebrating real foods and real nutrition with my patients. Learning about foods and their different metabolic effects on the body may change the way you view nutrition and how you choose to fuel yourself. We all have motivators in our life- personal goals, people we love, roles […]

Question: Need to Eat On-the-Go? Answer: Chick-fil-A Keto!

Chick-fil-A now features a keto-friendly menu, providing those who eat a low carbohydrate diet with proper on-the-go food choices! From breakfast to dinner, they’ve got you covered. Check out their online menu to view the net carb count for each low carb food choice, including sauces and dressings. Each item also provides information on how […]

Olive Oil 101

DID YOU KNOW? It’s good to be picky when it comes to choosing olive oil. Olive oil is a great healthy fat source, high in a monounsaturated fat known as oleic acid. It contains large amounts of anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol, and reducing blood pressure. However, in order to ensure you […]

Running on Low-Carb

This past year I trained for The Boston Marathon. To train for any marathon, you have to train mentally and physically, but training for The Boston Marathon-that’s another level of training mentally. It’s not something you just say you are going to do and do it. It takes determination, motivation, and commitment before any kind […]

Mindful Eating

Do you ever find yourself sitting on the couch, snacking on chips or popcorn and before you know it, you’ve eaten the entire bag without realizing it? Do you ever find yourself so hungry that you eat not one portion, but two or even three portions of a meal until you feel overly full? Do […]

Weekly Meal Planning

Busy schedules are often the main reason for not eating healthy. We find ourselves in the middle of the week with no food in the refrigerator and no motivation to cook after a full day at work. That’s why meal preparation is vital to our success in eating nutritious foods on a daily basis. Planning, […]