March 2nd Pillar PC Update

Pillar PC Update March 2nd: Lots of !!!– Spring!– Vaccinations!– Pillar Swag!– Book Club!– Spring Break! Dear Pillar PC Family,Spring is right around the corner and it feels like the world is waking up from a long slumber of quarantine. Almost a year ago I began regular emails to the practice about COVID-19 and was […]

Rapid Tests and New CDC Quarantine Guidelines

Dear Pillar PC Family, This week I received rapid COVID-19 tests for use at the office and the CDC updated their guidelines concerning the length of quarantine after an exposure to include additional options for consideration. I wanted to share these items with you and discuss how you might be impacted. The rapid COVID-19 test […]

Guidance on exposures, quarantine, and testing

Prior to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I wanted to send out the set of standard guidance that I’ve been offering up for patients concerning exposures, testing, and quarantine. Our local cases are skyrocketing, as they are nationally. In characteristic fashion, once the infection enters a household, I’ve seen it spread through all family members […]

Patient story: E-bikes and good food

Low carb and real food. Intermittent fasting Steady state cardio and high intensity interval training. Do these words sound familiar? In 2017, Jon Treffert decided to take control of his diabetes for good. A busy life had waylaid his prior efforts to reverse this problem and he wanted to get back on track. Along his […]

Presbyterian ministers, statistical uncertainty, and coronavirus: why we should always think it’s possible to be wrong

“We should be less focused on finding the single ‘truth’ and more focused on establishing a reasonable range, recognizing that the true value may vary across populations,” Dr. Dean said. “Bayesian analyses allow us to include this variability in a clear way, and then propagate this uncertainty through the model.” — Read on

Does Vitamin D supplementation harden your arteries? Probably not.

In this population of community-dwelling adults who were vitamin D replete at baseline, supplementation with vitamin D 400, 4000, or 10,000 IU/day did not have differential effects on the development or progression of arterial calcification over 3 years.— Read on This study looked a group of healthy volunteers with an average Vitamin D level […]

One step closer for DPC and HSAs

We took another step closer to tax parity for DPC practices and their patients who wish to use HSA and Flex spending accounts for membership payment. I appreciate my DPC colleagues who have worked with the IRS and Congress members to move us closer to the goal. IRS proposed rule for DPC as a medically […]

Sports Physical Form

The adolescent pre-participation physical TSSAA form has changed this year. There is a section on this form that must be filled out by parents prior to the visit and clearance given. TSSAA Preparticipation Medical Evaluation Form & Emergency Treatment/Parent’s Consent Form