Patient story: E-bikes and good food

Low carb and real food. Intermittent fasting Steady state cardio and high intensity interval training. Do these words sound familiar? In 2017, Jon Treffert decided to take control of his diabetes for good. A busy life had waylaid his prior efforts to reverse this problem and he wanted to get back on track. Along his […]

Presbyterian ministers, statistical uncertainty, and coronavirus: why we should always think it’s possible to be wrong

“We should be less focused on finding the single ‘truth’ and more focused on establishing a reasonable range, recognizing that the true value may vary across populations,” Dr. Dean said. “Bayesian analyses allow us to include this variability in a clear way, and then propagate this uncertainty through the model.” — Read on

Does Vitamin D supplementation harden your arteries? Probably not.

In this population of community-dwelling adults who were vitamin D replete at baseline, supplementation with vitamin D 400, 4000, or 10,000 IU/day did not have differential effects on the development or progression of arterial calcification over 3 years.— Read on This study looked a group of healthy volunteers with an average Vitamin D level […]

Intermittent fasting from dawn to sunset for 30 consecutive days is associated with anticancer proteomic signature and upregulates key regulatory proteins of glucose and lipid metabolism, circadian clock, DNA repair, cytoskeleton remodeling, immune system and cognitive function in healthy subjects In summary, our results suggest that 30-day intermittent fasting from dawn to sunset can be a preventive and therapeutic approach in cancer as well as in several metabolic, inflammatory and immune diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and neuropsychiatric disorders by resulting in a proteome protective against carcinogenesis, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, inflammation, cognitive dysfunction, and mental […]

Do not fear

March 28th Pillar PC update on COVID-19 Do not fear. That’s the most important thing I can tell you right now. As COVID-19 continues its relentless march through our population centers, the most unsettling news this week has been the report of at least nine of our neighbors who took their own life by suicide. […]

Respiratory tract infections and heart attacks, what to do to avoid both

We found that the incidence of admissions for acute myocardial infarction was six times as high during the 7 days after laboratory confirmation of influenza infection as during the control interval (20.0 admissions per week vs. 3.3 admissions per week). The incidence ratio point estimates were highest for older adults, for patients with influenza B […]