Doctors’ Orders: 2 docs improve their health at Cardiac Rehab

Jon Dalton, manager of Parkwest’s cardiac rehabilitation program, says heart health doesn’t depend on genetics or exercise alone. “You can’t sustain good heart health on exercise alone. That’s been proven,” Dalton says. “You can’t sustain good heart health on diet alone. You really do have to pay attention to stress, and good sleep is often overlooked. Those are all just as important.”
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I’ve been a part of supervising the Cardiac Rehab program for 13 years, ever since I came back to Knoxville and started into private practice. The nurses and staff of that program are truly exceptional and care for their patients dearly. Jon encapsulates the Pillar Perspective nicely by emphasizing all four pillars of good health– nutrition, exercise, sleep, and peace (stress management) in their program. By focusing on those four areas we can help patients achieve a spiral of health improvements instead of the more commonly seen spiral of functional decline.

If you are interested in developing a spiral of health improvement, then reach out to me. Let’s develop a program specific to you that meets your individual needs. Pillar Primary Care is Healthcare without Hassles, Built for You. 865-244-1800.

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