It is a little known fact that prices for the same medical services can vary widely depending on the location the service is rendered, the affiliation of the service provider, and the method of payment.  A CT scan at one facility might be 20% of the price of another facility. Yes, I said 20%.

We have spent a considerable amount of time researching the different options in our community and help patients navigate the system to find the best possible solution to their needs.  For instance, one patient recently needed a CT scan that would cost him $1200 out of pocket if he utilized his insurance.  The $1200 would be applied to his deductible as he hadn’t met it.  At a different facility, he could get the same test for $400 if paying cash at the time of service and skipping his insurance.  He opted to save $800 (which incidentally was enough savings to cover the entire cost of his membership for the year)! We have now been able to reduce the cost of that same test to $250 paying cash.

Each patient’s situation is unique and we believe having choices helps improve care and lower cost.  Anytime outside testing or imaging is needed we sort through all the options for the patient and match them up with the choice that makes the most sense to them.

As of 8/1/17, we’ve been able to further lower the cost and have secured advanced imaging tests for 80-90% off the prices of local hospital associated testing facilities. For basic CT scans, the least expensive test in this category, patients can save over $2100 if they are a member of our DPC program. That’s three time the cost of membership. Talk about a return on an investment!