We advocate that all of our patients have an appropriate plan in place to help protect against the financial devastation that could occur from a medical catastrophe.  It is wise to be prepared especially since medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States.

Most patients in our DPC practice have some form of health insurance coverage. These plans range from employer sponsored coverage to individual plans to Medicare and Medicaid plans.  Additionally, some of our patients have found the cost sharing programs such as Samaritan Ministries, Medi-Share, and Liberty Direct a great pairing with their DPC membership.

However, having health insurance has never equaled having healthcare.  With so many insurance plans now having a $5000-$8000 deductible, patients are paying everything out of pocket anyway.  Insurance doesn’t kick in until something truly major happens.

A DPC membership allows patients to save money on healthcare and have a better relationship with their physician regardless of their insurance plan.  So if your plan doesn’t cover much, come to our practice to save on your out of pocket costs.  If your plan covers everything, come to our practice to have longer visits and more time to work through your health concerns.  If you’re healthy, never go to the doctor, and have a fully paid for plan from your employer, then congratulations.  You’re in a great place, but the majority of people in our area need help.  That’s what DPC does.  It helps.