Medications account for some of the biggest increases in healthcare spending in the last five years.  Each DPC patient receives a complete breakdown of the medications they are receiving.  We look at why they are taking each drug and if it can be avoided or reduced.  Often our own choices, such as our cookie habit or late bedtime snack, provoke our illnesses to be worse.  The smallest actions yield the biggest rewards sometimes.

When medications are necessary we work through the list of options to help our patients pick the choice that works for them.  This includes an analysis of price, side effect, and convenience.

PPC operates its own in-office dispensary.  We can often price medications well below the retail market.  Just like our DPC program, we do not process insurance at our dispensary for prescriptions written by DPC physicians.  Patients can have their prescriptions mailed to their house for just the cost of shipping.

Medications purchased at retail pharmacies can vary in price widely.  Once a medication is decided upon we shop the price using such services as and  It is common for a medication to be $50-100 cheaper between pharmacies right next to each other.

Additionally, we have established relationships with local pharmacists.  As small business owners, they are committed to good service at a low price.  They are experts at helping us sort through the maze of insurance prior authorizations. There are several good pharmacies just down the road from us and have been good partners for the Hardin Valley/Karns community.

Finally, patient assistance programs are available from every manufacturer.  We help our patients determine which company to submit the form to and how to receive the best assistance.

No matter what medications our patients need, we work to find the best options for their situation.