If you’re interested in Pillar Primary Care but would like to see how it fits your personal needs, then we have two options for you to test it out.

First, we offer individual Meet and Greet opportunities with Dr. McColl or Dr. Howell and their staff.  Meet and Greet appointments offer a time to discuss the benefits and services of the program as well as get to know the physicians.  Choosing a physician to care for you and your family is an important decision.  We believe patients should have a chance to interview us, ask us questions about practice philosophy, and see how DPC fits into their overall healthcare needs before they need us.  These non-private opportunities are always free.  Please call the office to schedule a Meet and Greet appointment.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your particular health situation with Dr. McColl or Dr. Howell in order to understand if the Direct Primary Care program would be a good fit, then we offer a Medical Consult appointment.  These private, personal one hour consultations with either Dr. McColl or Dr. Howell allow prospective patients to share their specific concerns and hear how a DPC membership might meet those needs.  Dr. McColl or Dr. Howell will offer you their medical opinion of your situation in an open and honest conversation.  Medical Consults are $125 with no obligations for further membership.  If you decide to join the program within the next 30 days, then the cost of the Medical Consult appointment can be applied to the registration fee and the Medical Consult visit becomes the start of your membership.