"I'd like to pay more to get less" -No One

2017 promises to be an exciting year of change for health insurance and healthcare.  Regardless of the political shifting tides, a Trinity Direct Primary Care membership remains the best way to achieve personalized, relational healthcare.  A DPC membership offers the perfect pairing with whatever coverage you may have in the new year.

Direct Primary Care offers cost savings for patients with no coverage, belong to a cost sharing program, or have a high deductible plan.  In a high deductible plan the first $5000-$8000 is going to come out of your pocket but at rates negotiated by the insurance company.  You’ll pay insurance rates for something you could get at 60-90% off.  So, why pay more?

Direct Primary Care offers an improved conversation about health for patients with traditional private insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare.  By offering longer appointments, same day scheduling, and easy phone and email communication Direct Primary Care provides for unlimited opportunity to have your medical needs addressed and your questions answered.  You won’t be limited to one problem per visit or spend all day waiting for a call back when you have a question.  You’ll have your concerns addressed from a physician you choose on your schedule.  So, why get less?

Healthcare without hassles regardless of insurance is what makes a Trinity DPC membership so valuable.  Sign up today or come in to meet our doctors.

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