March 2nd Pillar PC Update

Pillar PC Update March 2nd: Lots of !!!
– Spring!
– Vaccinations!
– Pillar Swag!
– Book Club!
– Spring Break!

Dear Pillar PC Family,
Spring is right around the corner and it feels like the world is waking up from a long slumber of quarantine. Almost a year ago I began regular emails to the practice about COVID-19 and was ending each one with “Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Stay home.” Now cases are falling quickly, and hospitals are emptying out. Vaccines are available at many local pharmacies including the hospitals and the health department. Soon, everyone who wants one will have a chance to get one. Volunteer Pharmacy is just down the road from our office and has a great online scheduling option for vaccination. Check them out at It’s still a good idea to wash your hands and don’t touch your face though!

The Pillar PC team is wanting to get everyone reengaged with their routine healthcare. We’ve already been reaching out to patients in high-risk categories to reestablish their plan of care. Remember, Carly and Melody are here to help encourage and lead all of us in better plans for nutrition and exercise. We even have some Pillar Swag (a 25 oz stainless steel water bottle, while supplies last) for everyone who completes a visit with both educators. Visits with are part of membership at no extra cost. We do welcome non-members to schedule their own appointments for nutrition and exercise education for a per visit cost of $30. Spread the word.

Melody will be leading another Pillar PC team in the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Distance Challenge. She’s going to be sending out an email with details this week.

One new project we are starting is a book club. Mary will be facilitating a small group meeting to go through Jason Fung, MD’s ‘The Obesity Code’. She’s in the process of gathering names of those who are interested. From there, we plan on launching a regular group meeting where she leads a discussion on one of our nutrition or exercise topics. We think this might be a good way for us to build our ‘tribe’. If you’re interested, email Mary at

I’ll be out of the office the week of Knox County Spring Break per my normal routine. Those days are March 15th through 19th. This feels pretty momentous since last year’s Spring Break vacation plans were cancelled to remain working when the pandemic fears were beginning to grip our community. Not that everything is back to normal, but I hope to have some reasonable time of relaxation and being outdoors. I will be sporadically available remotely but off-grid for most of the week. Lainy and Kari will be available in the office most days and Marci will have some scheduled appointment times on Tuesday as well. Please be sure to get all your refill requests in as soon as possible.

As always, let me know if you have questions or if the Pillar PC team can help with anything. We’ll do our best for you.

Mark B McColl, MD

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