Here’s a short list of membership advantages.

 Benefits of Membership

  • Discounted lab test pricing
    • We continue to work with our lab vendors and suppliers to further reduce the cost of many tests. We commonly find that when we add new testing, patients realize a price reduction of nearly 80%.
    • Our no cost labs included with membership are valued at over $300 per year.
  • Discounted advanced imaging
    • Through continued negotiation with local radiology groups we have been able to secure further reductions in the cost of advanced imaging like CTs and MRIs. Retail price for such tests often run $2500-$4000.  Our negotiation has reduced these costs first to $450-$750 and now down to $250-$450.
  • Discounted medications
    • By running our own dispensary, we now offer acute care and maintenance medications at steep discounts of 60-90%.  For instance, azithromycin dose packs are under $3, 100 count bottles of Metformin ER 500mg are about $6, and generic Lipitor is less than $7 for a three month supply.
  • Discounted ancillary services
    • We offer a three-night home sleep study at a negotiated reduced rate with a national vendor.
    • Physical therapy services can be obtained through a local group at a discounted rate for members of Pillar Primary Care.
  • Nutrition and dietary counseling
    • Registered dietician, Carly Slagle, RD is available for coaching and counseling in nutrition. Visits are included free with membership.
  • Exercise Education and Coaching
    • ACE certified personal trainer Melody Berrong is available for education, counseling, and coaching in exercise.  Visits are included free with membership.

Membership Pricing

  • Registration fee: $125 per person.
    • Maximum registration fee for a family is $250 if they join at the same time.
    • Registration fee does not include first month membership.
  • Membership pricing categories (April 1st, 2021)
    • Birth through 18 years of age: $60
    • 19 -39 years of age: $75
    • 40-66 years of age: $85
    • 67 years of age and older $99
    • Maximum family membership fee: $255
  • Employer and charity sponsored memberships will follow the same pricing categories.