Patient story: E-bikes and good food

Low carb and real food.

Intermittent fasting

Steady state cardio and high intensity interval training.

Do these words sound familiar?

In 2017, Jon Treffert decided to take control of his diabetes for good. A busy life had waylaid his prior efforts to reverse this problem and he wanted to get back on track.

Along his journey he joined Pillar Primary Care for support and coaching. I had the privilege of walking with him as his physician for a time. His story was recently featured on and he shared it with me today for the encouragement of other patients.

To be sure, Jon had already accomplished so much of his better health prior to starting with us. It was his hard work and discipline that lead to his success. But do you see the key elements that led to his profound weight loss and reversal of hyperglycemia?

Low carb, real food, intermittent fasting, steady state cardio, HIIT.

These form the first two pillars of good health we teach here at Pillar Primary Care.

If you’re interested in reversing your diabetes too, give us a call. It’s what we do. We are your tribe.

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