Imagine if We Paid for Food like We Do Healthcare

Dr Ryan Neuhofel, a fellow DPC physician, writes this intriguing look at applying our current medical industry regulations to food. I know I would never pay for a $37 burrito twice. A thought experiment showing just how dysfunctional and distorting our health insurance system is. — Read on

Pre-existing is non-existent with Trinity Direct Primary Care

Trinity Direct Primary Care takes care of you. Pre-existing conditions are not a hinderance to care for us. Providing healthcare is our mission so we don’t charge more for patients with diabetes or hypertension. We don’t charge more if you smoke or have a family history of major illnesses. We just take care of you. […]

Open Enrollment may indicate a farewell to savings

November 1st marks the start of’s annual open enrollment period.  Here’s an example of what our neighbors who don’t qualify for a subsidy should expect.  For an  average small business owner family (two parents, two school age kids) with no subsidies, they have this to look forward to. It is incredibly demoralizing to think […]

Obamacare premiums expected to climb 38% nationwide reported this interesting infographic on the predicted average increases of Obamacare premiums when open enrollment starts November 1st.  It is expected to be a sharp increase again.  Tennessee is slated to be a 20% or higher increase as a statewide average. Knox County has fared worse than most Tennessee regions in the last couple […]

Article: DPC trumps the ACA America’s current healthcare debate is plagued with confusion and misalignment. We have a diverse landscape of players and agendas where legislators, multi-tier bureaucracy, health insurance companies, hospital systems, the pharmaceutical industry, patient advocacy groups and organized medicine all take part in deals that have replaced your healthcare with a “qualified health insurance plan.” As […]

Reignite Liberty's torch with DPC

The American dream for healthcare needs strong medicine. The inscription on the Statue of Liberty which is taken from the poem New Colossus written by Emma Lazarus says in part, Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to […]

Pre-existing conditions? Have a discount.

Direct Primary Care is about taking care of patients.  It isn’t about insurance companies or government policy.  It is about caring for patients without outside influence.  We don’t base our standard of care on who is in the White House or who controls congress.  We focus on our patients. So in light of all the […]

Should I Lie About My Beliefs to Get Health Insurance?

I sympathize with her plight and appreciate her perspective on cost sharing programs but she does what so many authors discussing an ACA replacement do: confuse having health insurance with having healthcare. They’ve never been the same and shouldn’t be. That’s one reason the ACA was never going to work. It took something people need, […]