Pillar Primary Care is excited to offer nutritional counseling with our registered dietician, Carly Slagle.  Mrs. Slagle worked alongside Dr. McColl during her training at Trinity Medical Associates. She then joined the Pillar Primary Care team.  She is well versed in helping patients achieve their goals of reversing diabetes, improving health, reducing medication use, and feeling better.  She sees patients on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings under the supervision of Dr. McColl, Dr. Howell, and the other Pillar PC staff.  All DPC members are welcome to schedule appointments and encouraged to bring their families.

Through regular follow up, personal education, and accountability, Dr. McColl has walked with thousands of patients through dietary changes that have yielded amazing health results including weight loss and reduced medication usage.  We are excited to bring this level of care to our Direct Primary Care program.

If you’re interested in scheduling with Mrs. Slagle to help you meet your nutritional needs, then call our office at 244-1800 to schedule today.

Non-members can also schedule with Carly for counseling and coaching on a per visit basis.