Pillar Primary Care, PLLC partners with local small business owners, charity organization, and churches to provide a tangible method of help to someone else.

Small business owners have been overburdened by the rising cost of health insurance and often can’t afford to continue to provide coverage unless federally mandated to do so.  We partner with owners who sponsor their employee’s memberships.  This allows for employers to offer a true and tangible benefit while keeping their costs fixed.  Sponsored employees enjoy the personal and unique relationship with their DPC physician.  Any additional charges for services not covered by the membership are the responsibility of the employee.  With this dual arrangement we see both the employer and the employee advocating for high value, low cost healthcare.

Area charities and local churches can sponsor memberships for those they serve who have a need for primary care.  Our month to month membership options allow for patients to get back on their feet as quickly as possible without being locked in to a long term contract.  Sponsored members can easily join in their own right as their situation improves and they no longer need assistance.  They get to keep the same great level of care they’ve already established.