Direct Primary Care (or DPC) is a model of healthcare that focuses on putting the patient first and gives them a direct and unhindered interaction with the physician of their choice.  It removes many of the barriers that have built up in our current medical system that keep the patient from being in control of their own decisions.

We believe that if healthcare were a novel, the main character would be you, the patient. Your story is the central theme of good healthcare.   Your experiences, actions, and genetics all build a unique and compelling tale that needs to be heard.  Our current medical system doesn’t need to know your story to issue you a member ID number.  That must change.

Direct Primary Care physicians and practices around the country are engaging again with patients to hear their stories.  We can do this because we work solely for our patients.  Most DPC physicians have cancelled all their third party contracts and now work only for their patients.  It allows us to meet with our patients in whatever manner best allows us to care of them.  In our practice, it is common for us to begin a conversation with a patient over the phone or via email and then move to the exam room in order to hear more of their story.  We aren’t limited by the 10 minute office visit.  We have the ability and time to allow the conversation to unfold over time as it should.

Direct Primary Care achieves this conversational freedom by contracting directly with each patient for services.  We offer unlimited contact and conversation for a month-to-month membership fee.  Children are about $2 per day.  Adults are about $3 per day.  Membership includes many of the standard labs used in the evaluation and management of some common problems.

Pillar Primary Care truly is healthcare without hassles, built for you.  We believe in caring for our community and in giving back.  We aren’t waiting for Washington or Nashville to try and fix our healthcare system.  We are building a better one right now, right here in East Tennessee.

Now that you know what Direct Primary Care is consider what it is not.