Membership pricing is based on age and always month to month:

  • Children birth through 18 years of age are $60 per month
  • Young adults 19-39 years of age are $75 per month
  • Adults 40-66 years of age are $85 per month
  • Seniors 67 years of age and older are $99 per month.

We cap a family’s membership costs at $255 per month.  This includes two parents and any children (18 and under) living at the same home or attending college.

Membership is billed in the calendar month for which it covers.  That is, an invoice that is billed on April 10th covers the month of April’s membership.

Registration is $125 per person.

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Direct Primary Care was developed as a grassroots effort to reshape healthcare for the better.  We built a program that brings nearly unlimited access to your doctor for a low monthly membership fee.  No more worrying over the cost of an office visit or playing phone tag for several days trying to get a your health question answered.  Direct Primary Care offers easy access and good conversation.

We built the program with the intention of providing for the needs of a typical patient who had some of the common medical problems without any extra costs.

Some of the features of an adult membership include:

    • Acute and Non-acute Office Visits with extended office time at each visit.
    • Well-Woman Care/Pap Smear collection **
      • Discounted pricing on pap smear tests for self pay patients is now available
    • Well-Baby Care
    • Rapid test for strep throat
    • Urinalysis
    • Urine pregnancy test
    • Complete blood count, up to once per month or four per year
    • Lipid panel, up to once per month or four per year
    • Kidney panel, up to once per month or four per year
    • Liver function test, up to once per month or four per year
    • Thyroid stimulating hormone, up to once per month or two per year
    • Prostate specific antigen (PSA) yearly for men over 40 years of age
    • Cardiac CRP, yearly
    • Urine Microalbumin, up to once per month or two per year
    • Hemoglobin A1c, up to once per month or four per year
    • Insulin level, up to once per month or four per year
    • Tuberculosis skin test
    • Suture removal
    • Electrocardiogram
    • Spirometry
    • Ear wax removal
    • Visual acuity screening
    • Drawing of labs
    • Labs and testing that cannot be performed in-house will be offered at a discounted rate through select vendors.  Labs ordered by outside physicians and performed as a courtesy for members do not qualify as labs included in membership and the cost is the responsibility of the member.
  • **Patient is responsible for all fees associated with any outside laboratory testing, pathology, and specimen analysis.

Membership contracts are month to month with no long term contract.