In 2020, Pillar Primary Care added the expertise of Melody Berrong, an American Council of Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer who has a Masters of Science in Counseling, to our awesome team.

Melody has a passion for helping her clients develop better health through exercise as well as develop the love for exercise that she has. Her personal journey to better health started in 2008 with an 85 lb weight loss which eventually lead to her receiving her personal training certification in 2018.

Melody Berrong, ACE certified trainer for Pillar PC patients

All patients of Pillar Primary Care are welcome to schedule appointments with Melody to learn more about how exercise can benefit them. In these 30 minute sessions, Melody will work with you to develop a detailed program of exercise for you to undertake in setting of your choice- your home, your community, or your neighborhood gym. Working under the guidance of Dr. McColl and the other clinical staff of Pillar Primary care, she will develop a personalized program of exercise and training so that you can meet your own health goals. Melody is available to demonstrate proper form and technique for many exercises and provide feedback for patients wanting to see

Appointments for exercise education, like all other appointments with the Pillar PC team, are included in membership at no extra cost for all patients. As patients progress through their exercise education, Melody will develop more challenging routines and continue to coach them through each stage.

Non-members can schedule with Melody for exercise counseling on a per visit basis.