Pillar PC is proud to offer health coaching with our Certified Personal Trainer & Senior Fitness Specialist, Terri Stewart.

Terri’s motivation for helping others with their health journeys flows from her personal story of walking the same journey. Being morbidly obese seemed to be the “cross” she had to bear in life. After a series of 3 events in 2005, she reached a crossroad: to live a life extremely restricted by a 350lb body or to choose to make a radical change producing life. She chose life. There was nothing magical or special in the changes she made. She learned the power of healthy eating, physical exercise, and a positive attitude with consistency actually works! She believes you can make these changes happen also and considers it a “commission” from God to help others work on their “temples”. She considers it an honor to assist you.

Be Strong. Do the Work. Don’t be Afraid. Don’t get Discouraged. 1 Chronicles 28:20 NLT

Terri Stewart, NASM-CPT, SFS

All patients of Pillar Primary Care are welcome to schedule appointments with Terri to learn more about how exercise can benefit them. In these 30 minute sessions, she will work with you to develop a detailed program of exercise for you to undertake in setting of your choice- your home, your community, or your neighborhood gym. Working under the guidance of Dr. McColl, Dr. Howell, and the other clinical staff of Pillar Primary care, she will develop a personalized program of exercise and training so that you can meet your own health goals.

Appointments for exercise education, like all other appointments with the Pillar PC team, are complimentary with membership.

Non-members can schedule with Terri for health coaching and exercise counseling on a per visit basis.