Good, restorative sleep is one of the four main pillars of good health.  Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) causes that pillar to weaken and crumble contributing to many of our modern health problems like obesity, diabetes, depression, and motor vehicle accidents.  It can cause a strain on the heart leading to more heart attacks and heart failure.  It causes an increased stress response from the body making blood sugars worse, increasing insulin resistance, and causing weight gain.  It can increase the risk of blood clots such as DVTs and PEs.  Unrefreshing sleep makes depression and attention deficit disorder worse too.  Many patients find their brain works much better when it has slept well and received enough oxygen overnight.  Since the problem occurs when we are asleep, it is very difficult for people to determine if they have an issue themselves.  Consider the following questions:

If you answered YES to more than three (3) of those questions then you have a good chance of having obstructive sleep apnea.

Pillar has partnered with a local sleep testing company to provide in home sleep testing for our patients at an affordable rate.  While insurance may often cover the cost of testing, we have negotiated a steep discount available to all our members regardless of insurance coverage.  Everyone has the same price.  Sounds fair, right?  We think so.  We want everyone, those with high deductibles, those belonging to a cost sharing program, or those paying cash to receive the same great pricing the insurance companies demand.  A typical one night stay in a local hospital may cost more than $3000.  At home testing is very useful for patients who are unable to leave their family while they spend the night in the hospital as well as those who find sleeping in an unfamiliar environment unsettling.

Our at home, three night test allows for patients to care for their family and sleep in their own bed while undergoing testing.  Three nights of study improves the diagnostic accuracy as one bad night of sleep doesn’t skew the results.

Each test is interpreted by a board certified sleep medicine specialist.  If indicated, your DPC physician can help you decide how to treat your obstructive sleep apnea.  If necessary, your DPC physician can also order CPAP equipment from the respiratory therapy center of your choice.

Contact your DPC physician today to see if home sleep testing is right for you.