As we’ve said, Direct Primary Care is a conversation about your health with a physician you choose and trust.  Physicians are healers and advisers.  We are counselors and confidants.  We are not short order cooks.  Primary care should not provide the same service as a vending machine.

Direct Primary Care doctors want to work for our patients while saving them money.  For various reasons, a Direct Primary Practice will be looked upon as a passing niche clinic.  We are not.  We are returning to the way medicine was practiced for most of human history and the movement is exploding in popularity.

So what do we not do?

We are not a pain clinic.
We are not a boutique clinic.
We are not an anti-aging clinic.
We are not a call-whenever-you-want-an-antibiotic clinic.

As healthcare is a conversation with someone you trust, patients need to be able to trust us to tell them ‘no’.  Scripture says “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy.”  So we want to develop a relationship where an honest and open conversation can yield good medical advice and therapy.