Pillar Primary Care Dispensary
We operate an in-house dispensary for our patients.  We offer competitive pricing on both acute care medications like antibiotics and maintenance medications such as those for high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes.

Talk with you DPC physician to get a price quote for your medications.

Good Shepherd Health is a brick and mortar pharmacy in Memphis, Tennessee that operates a DPC like model where patients enroll in a membership.  Under the membership, medications are free or at wholesale costs.  They offer a medication review program whereby if they can’t save you more than the cost of membership then they don’t take you on as a member.  For folks not in the Memphis area they offer 90 day mail order services to anywhere in the country.

National Rx and Volunteer Pharmacy is a locally owned pharmacy with two names.  They are pharmacists with whom we have worked closely over the years.  In our experience, they provide great hometown service to our community and diligently work for their customers.  They have two locations:

GoodRx is an online price comparison site for physicians and patients alike.  They offer the ability to price shop any medication from local retail pharmacy chains.  Many times patients can save $100 on prescription costs by walking across the street to a different pharmacy.  One caveat, they don’t list local mom and pop pharmacies (like National Rx and Volunteer Pharmacy) which are almost always competitive in their pricing.