The origin story of Pillar Primary Care, PLLC begins many years ago when Dr. Mark McColl and his fellow partners at Trinity Medical Associates, PC began envisioning a model of primary care delivery where the fundamentals of good health were addressed and supported at each patient visit.  In the context of their mission “to lead people and their families to a place of physical and spiritual health in Christ” they developed a robust nutrition and exercise education program that was effective in reversing metabolic disease like diabetes.  Unfortunately, the constraints of a typical insurance based primary care practice kept that physician lead model from growing in its impact.  So, in 2016, Dr. McColl spearheaded the launch of Trinity Direct Primary Care, PLLC which became the region’s largest Direct Primary Care program. It allowed patients more contact time with their doctor while saving money on out of pocket expenses.  Overcoming these two barriers for patients yielded amazing results.

That program took off in popularity as patients experienced direct communication, long office visits, and common sense pricing for their primary care needs.  In 2019, Dr. McColl separated out the DPC program from Trinity as they had decided to grow in different directions and Pillar Primary Care, PLLC was born.

Most of Dr. McColl’s patients can attest to his focus on the four pillars of good health– nutrition, exercise, sleep and managing stress at nearly every office visit.  They are the foundation of all good health. While medications, surgeries, and other interventions can greatly benefit the lives of patients, few other therapies provide a clear path to good health as the four pillars.

But ‘pillar’ carries a different understanding as well.  In Scripture, as the Israelite people are being led out of captivity in Egypt, God’s presence took the form of a pillar of cloud to shade them during the day and pillar of fire to warm them and provide light at night.  Later in scripture, the Israelites celebrated the goodness of God after crossing the Jordon river into their promised land by erecting a pillar of 12 stones as a memory device so they would never forget the story of God’s rich provision in the wilderness and His saving hand.

Pillar Primary Care, PLLC represents both of those images.  It is the foundational pillar whereby one can regain and restore their good health as well as a recognition that God alone delivers us from our bondage and saves us in our time of need.  We strive to lay a solid foundation of good health for our patients through exceptional primary care as well as honor God for His mercy, grace, and provision of healing in our daily lives.

Pillar Primary Care, PLLC operates at 10437 Hardin Valley Road under the management of Dr. Mark B McColl who is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.