Modern healthcare has turned the focus away from patients on to productivity.  What results is disjointed, disconnected care followed by surprise medical bills and financial distress.  Pillar Primary Care, PLLC puts the focus back on our patients by removing the barriers to good care, reducing the cost of routine care, and improving the opportunities patients have to have a conversation with a doctor they trust.  We offer exceptional primary care focused on the four pillars of good health.  Come see the difference.  Join today!

The PPC Perspective

Pillar Primary Care, PLLC is a Direct Primary Care program offering membership based healthcare for the whole family.  Dr. Mark B McColl founded this independent practice in 2019 after having successfully established Trinity Direct Primary Care in 2016.  He is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.  He offers routine and complex primary care medical services with an emphasis on the four pillars of good health — nutrition, exercise, sleep and peace.

Dr. McColl’s Podcast Interview on DPC

I was featured on the “Stay Healthy Knoxville Podcast” with John-Mark Chesney PT, DPT in October 2018 related to my first DPC practice, Trinity Direct Primary Care. It was an opportunity to share all about the direct primary care movement both nationally and locally. I had a great time and was able to share how this practice helps lead people and their families to a place of physical and spiritual health in Christ- through full service direct primary care medicine. Direct Primary Care improves access and communication while lowering the cost of care, medications, and testing by 60-90%.

Next Steps…