Pre-existing is non-existent with Trinity Direct Primary Care

Trinity Direct Primary Care takes care of you. Pre-existing conditions are not a hinderance to care for us. Providing healthcare is our mission so we don’t charge more for patients with diabetes or hypertension. We don’t charge more if you smoke or have a family history of major illnesses. We just take care of you. […]

Trinity Direct Primary Care featured in Farragut Press

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Michelle Hollenhead of the Farragut Press about our practice, Trinity Direct Primary Care.  It was a fun time and a privilege to have our story told.  Her article was published in this week’s edition that was delivered yesterday. Trinity Medical operates from membership fees, not insurance Take […]

The consultation

Have you ever seen the Norman Rockwell era oil paintings of physicians at work?  One in particular has always intrigued me. It shows an older male physician at a desk with his patient across from him in conversation.  It’s an image of the true consultation. One where the patient and physician spend a significant amount […]

Podcast: Medicine in Canada: Promises and Realities

Does the safety and stability of a single-payer system free doctors from business concerns so they can concentrate on patient care?  Our guest is Dr. Shawn Whatley who runs a primary care practice in Ontario, Canada.  He is past-president of the Ontario Medical Association and the author of “No More Lethal Waits.” — Read on […]