Chloroquine, Ibuprofen and Beyond: Doctors Discuss Latest Treatments, and Treatment Rumors, For COVID-19

“We haven’t seen any clear evidence of benefit so we aren’t going to use hydroxychloroquine routinely anymore,” Chopra says. “We were initially recommending it to both inpatients and outpatients, but we’re no longer doing that routinely. That’s based upon the fact that we’ve been prescribing hydroxychloroquine for a few weeks, did not see therapeutic benefit, but did see adverse effects.”
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Whatever the outcomes, I’m glad there are groups out there rigorously pursuing the data concerning therapies. We don’t know the full story yet as the initial thinking on why HCQ would be useful may have been wrong but some benefit might be found in the right population in relationship to why the inflammatory response to COVID-19 is remarkably different in different patients.

Stay tuned to this blog. As more information comes out, I’ll keep you posted.

-Dr. McColl

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